Rest Day 1/14/16: When is your next 2k test? – 15min Mobility

Rest Day:

RRC getting after some Hamstring Mobility

RRC getting after some Hamstring Mobility

When is your next 2k test?

CRASH-B’s are almost one month away!  They are otherwise known as the World Indoor Rowing Championships and they’re held at Boston University’s Agganis Arena on February 28th.  There will be hundreds of rowers and crossfitters from around the country and world descending on Boston to try to claim a hammer and a personal best.  Many of these athletes have been training all winter.  Knowing where their current 2k is and how they’ll respond to the pain and glory of competition is key.  That is why they’ll test their 2k probably within the next week.

Here at Renegade Rowing we will be hosting an opportunity for athletes from around Boston to come experience the competition they’ll see at CRASH-Bs.  The second race of this  winter’s Renegade Rowing League will be a 2k from 8am-9am this Saturday, January 16th at Our Crew Fitness.  Anyone wishing to compete and test their 2k can come on by 100 Holton Ave and give it a go.  The entry fee is $15.  Register here.

Below is a video of the Renegade Rowing League.  Take a look and then go take 15 minutes out of your day to focus on mobilizing your ankles, hamstrings, and hips!

Rest Day 11/12/15: Got Skills? …Row and Get Some!

Jodie from the 7am class challenging the BC Men's Crew Team!Rest Day:

How do you Master Skills?

As Winter starts to set in and you start working toward your goals, be aware of how you recover and master skills.  One goal you’ll probably set for the Winter is to master a new skill, like double unders, hand stand push-ups, or muscle ups.  I want to draw your attention to how you attack these skills and actually master them.

To master a skill is to know and have full control over every piece of a skill, both physically and mentally, when your fresh and your fatigued.  Lately we’ve been pushing the intensity in the gym and many people have found themselves sore and out of it for a few days. What would you do on the Monday following a solid week or weekend?

The days following a hard training day are perfect for mastering a new skill through active recovery.  Rather than going back for a second or third hard training day and not performing at full intensity, commit to an active recovery day focused on mastery of the skills you’d like to develop.

Coxswains pushing hard right alongside their rowers!

Rather than join in on the regular class at CFB, take 1 hour out of your day to actively recover, rather than sitting around and feeling sore.  Set the erg for 2,000m of work and 10min of rest.  Row an easy 2k and then spend 10 minutes working on goats, handstand push ups, pull ups, and Toes to Bar.  Three sets of this active recovery interval scheme will give you confidence with skills and prepare you for a hard training day on Tuesday.

The erg is a great tool to use as active recovery.  A few hard training days back to back will leave your body depleted and full of metabolic waste.  In order to replenish your energy and clear out the metabolic waste it helps to eat well, move, and keep the blood flowing.  The erg provides a stable platform and is low impact,  perfect for recovery at a sub-maximal effort.  Next time you’re feeling sore or a workout absolutely crushes you, go sit down on the erg and row for 10 minutes.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  Enjoy it!  Row at about 40% effort, just hard enough to breathe a little bit.  You should be able to maintain sentences and tell your training partner what you’ll be doing to master your next skill!

If you have any fun methods to master skills please share!

Video Review: Coach Pat – The Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk – How well do you perform these movements?

Shoulder Press_Boat HandlingWhen’s the last time you performed a Shoulder Press?  When’s the last time you lifted a boat from shoulders to overheads?  For many of you in Boston and the Northern states it’s been a while, but that ice is almost gone and regular water practices will be happening in no time.  Regardless, anytime you take a weight or external object from your shoulder to overhead, you are pressing, because that’s what a shoulder press is.  It’s the strongest, most efficient way to move something from shoulder to overhead.  If you need to move more weight and create more power the best movement becomes a push press.  If you need to move even more weight and create maximum speed and power that movement becomes an Olympic Lift, the Push Jerk.

I believe that if you can learn to move weight from your shoulder to overhead correctly you can and will become a better rower.  The key is how you press and what you focus on.  Here is a little video review of a pre-elite rower I’ve started working with.  This is her form before any coaching. Check out what she’s doing well and what she can do better.

Now take a look at my shoulder press, push press, and push jerk.  What parts of these movements can we tie to the rowing stroke?  I always teach the skills of 1. Posture, 2. Control, and 3. Connection whether it’s rowing or weightlifting.

1. Posture – How am I doing at maintaining a solid brace through my torso?  Is there any movement within the vertebrae of the spine?

2. Control – Is the bar traveling in a straight line over the middle of my foot?  Am I in control of my body and the bar? Can I stop at any point in time and be in a strong position?

3. Connection – How am I connected to the bar?  How am I connected to the floor?  Are my hips, hands, and shoulders connected as I initiate each movement?

After taking a look and answering some of these questions, think about your own stroke.  In the front end of your stroke, from 1/2 slide up to the catch and back, how do your joints move in relation to one another?  Can you stay connected?  Do you break or tense your arms early?  Is your shoulder and upper body strong enough to connect the power coming from your legs to your hands?  Do you feel or see any similarities when you press/push press/push jerk and row back to back?  How’s your posture and brace at the finish? Can perfecting these movements help improve your rowing?

Please share your thoughts to comments and I’ll get back to you with feedback.

What are you doing to improve efficiency and performance in competition this year?

Brand New Renegades were formed at the RR Workshop at Mt. Strength CrossFit on Saturday!

Brand New Renegades were formed at the RR Workshop at Mt. Strength CrossFit last year.  Will you join them this year?

Deliberate practice makes perfect, but sometimes you need to get out of your garage or out of your box to gain more knowledge and improve your skills.  This is one of many posts I’ll be offering up to the world that will highlight amazing opportunities to get out of your normal routine, learn something new, and have some fun.

On January 31st at 1pm, Mt. Strength CrossFit in Winchester, MA will be hosting a two-hour Renegade Rowing Workshop.  Head Coach Patrick Larcom will be at Mt. Strength CrossFit to give everyone the knowledge they need to improve their rowing and performance in competition.

Checkout some highlights of what you’ll be learning and don’t forget to register below!

Register Here!

Rest Day 7/20/14: What are you doing to stay hydrated this Summer?

Rest Day:

Sunset Row w/ Renegade Rowing Team last year!

What are you doing in this heat?

Are you Hydrated?

It’s been ridiculously hot out and if you’re in New England the humidity has been even worse.  What are you doing to stay cool and enjoy the weekend?  I’m going to hit a BBQ up in NH.  I hope you can get to the beach or pool and have fun in this heat.  If you haven’t calculated how much you should be drinking on a daily basis to stay hydrated, today is a good day to figure it out.  Click on the Hydration link above to read one of Alex Black’s first Nutrition articles for Renegade Rowing.

Have an awesome Sunday and stay cool!