Rowing WOD 7/17/13: 5Rounds of AMRAP5 w/ 3min Rest – Post Score, Best/Worst Split

Rowing WOD 7/17/13:

Easy way to scale push ups!

Easy way to scale push ups!

Perform 5 of the Following AMRAP’s w/ 3min Rest Between …

As Many Rounds As Possible in 5min

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

250m Row

Today’s Rowing WOD is Cindy like with rowing instead of air squats.  Since there are three minutes rest between each 5min AMRAP this should be performed at high intensity and max effort.  Don’t hold back on the 250m Row.

Chest touches each time

Chest touches each time

Push Ups are one of my goats and if you’re an experienced rower they may be one of your goats as well.  Focus on connecting your hands to the floor and spreading it apart with your shoulders away from your ears.  Keep the push ups fast and don’t go to failure unless you’re at the end of the 5 minutes.  It takes twice as long to recover when you get stuck half way up and fail.  Know how many you can perform, game it up, and get after it!

Work Smart, Work Hard.

Post your score (Rounds + Reps) for each AMRAP as well as your fastest and slowest split overall.

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