Rest Day 7/18/13: Are you a Firsthand Athlete?

Rest Day 7/18/13:

One of the First Renegade Rowing Athletes to become a Firsthand Athlete!

One of the First Renegade Rowing Athletes to become a Firsthand Athlete!

Are you a Firsthand Athlete?

Please share any thoughts or experiences to comments!  Here are my thoughts on what I mean by Firsthand Athlete.

The Firsthand Athlete

A firsthand athlete has the competence and confidence to rely on personal experiences to prepare for, execute, and learn from a performance both as an individual and as part of a team.  Rowing is a unique sport in that there is no coach calling plays, talking you through the pre-race warm-up, or cueing you on that one technical or tactical fix during a race.  The same goes for fitness, when an athlete is away on vacation there is no coach to walk them through a workout.  When a rower shoves off the dock on race day or goes home for vacation it’s up to them to know what to do, what to think about, what to fix, and what to focus on.  The firsthand athlete actively communicates with their body, teammates, and coaches to continually learn and work towards their goals.

The Renegade Rowing Team Goal

One of the main goals of the Renegade Rowing Team will be to develop Firsthand Athletes.   We have 8-weeks to learn to row together in an 8+.  Saturday, September 14th is the Rumble on the River at Community Rowing Inc.  We will be racing other mixed crews with similar experience.  In order to be successful we’ll need a team full of Firsthand Athletes that can work hard together and stay focused on what they must do as individuals to make the boat go faster.

If you’d like to be part of the Renegade Rowing Team and experience the adrenaline of making a shell go fast with eight other crew mates, please sign up for Tryouts, taking place this Friday at 6:30pm.  Practices start next week!

Rest well and be ready to work hard tomorrow!

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