Rowing WOD 8/19/13: “Hills” 3x10min – Post Distances

When should you break the elbow? Learn more about the stroke with Renegade Rowing!

When should you break the elbow? Learn more about the stroke with Renegade Rowing!

Rowing WOD 8/19/13:


3 x 10min w/ 4min Rest as follows …

4min @21 s/m

3min @23

2min @25

1min @29

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to crush it this week!  We did this Rowing WOD back in July with the stroke rating a couple beats higher for each hill.  Try to find your results.  If you can, maintain the same splits but at lower stroke ratings.  The last minute is the same @29 s/m, so hit it hard.  Everyone should be feeling for connection, suspension, and body preparation.  Try to be smooth, effortless, and natural.

Rowing is a beautiful sport in that you create the resistance and determine how fast the boat moves.  That being said, keep in mind that you get out what you put in for things like strength, conditioning, and Rowing.  Ease into this workout for the first four minutes by finding your rhythm and breathing.  However, as the stroke rating goes up make sure you’re putting in the effort to bring the 500m split down and keep consistent pressure.

Set the monitor for 10 minutes of work and 4 minutes of rest.  During each ten minute piece follow the prescribed rating shifts.

Post your distance for each piece to comments.

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 8/19/13: “Hills” 3x10min – Post Distances

  1. 1: 2551
    2: 2533
    3: 2532
    This is a great workout. It really gives you a chance to really push the pace and still hold the stroke rate for each time peice.

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