Rowing WOD 10/11/13: 6RFT – 250m Row, 15 Wall Balls, 1min Rest – Post Time and Splits

Rowing WOD 10/11/13:

BC Men's Crew getting after some Wall Balls earlier this season

BC Men’s Crew getting after some Wall Balls earlier this season

6 Rounds For Time

250m Row (@2k – 2 Pace)

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

1min Rest

Wall balls are great because they’re a pushing movement to counteract the pulling on the erg, but even more important they can mimic the explosiveness and rhythm of the rowing stroke.  During the drive phase of a wall ball you’re driving through the heels and finishing on the toes with full extension of the hips.  As soon as the ball leaves your hands you begin the recovery just like in rowing and your body has a second to gather itself, find balance, breathe, and then begin to load up the legs for the next drive as you catch the ball and sit back into a squat.  In competition you may be focused on cycling through them and bouncing out of the bottom, but in training you can focus on being smooth and adding some control on the way down.  This will give you a sense of the feeling you need during the recovery on the erg.  When rowing we want to stay light on the foot-stretchers as we swing and slide up to the catch.  Just as we approach the catch we should feel the weight start to come on to the big toe/balls of our feet.  Then when we’re ready to connect the chain to the fly-wheel and drive we put all of our weight on the footboards and push through the whole foot trying to suspend from the handle.  As you warmup for Today’s Rowing WOD try to feel these things.  Gaining awareness of our bodies as we move through full range of motion is key to mastering all of the general physical skills we’re developing.

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