Rowing WOD 10/23/13: 4k Row w/ Control and Burpees – Post Time and # of Burpees

Rowing WOD 10/23/13:Burpees and Rowing

4k Row w/ Control*

  • Row @26* s/m
  • 80% Effort
  • *Perform 5 Burpees every time the stroke rate deviates from a 26 for more than two strokes

Executing a game plan during a competition can really help keep you mentally strong and allow you to push right until the end.  A big part of developing a game plan on the rower is to develop your ability to control stroke rating and effort, how many strokes do you take per minute and how much force do you apply to the handle.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about dialing in that ability to be precise, hold a stroke rating, and put out a consistent effort every stroke.  Each time you start rowing you’re allowed 5 strokes to get to a 26 stroke rating.  After that you’re only allowed two consecutive strokes not at a 26 stroke rating.  It’s ok if every now and then you deviate as long as within two strokes you get the rating back to a 26. Pick a split that you can maintain at 26 s/m and be consistent with your effort each stroke, it should be hard to say a full sentence.  Each time you catch yourself taking three strokes not at a 26 hop off the erg and do 5 Burpees.  If you’re looking for fun make them lateral erg burpees seen above.

Post your time and number of Burpees to comments!

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