Rowing WOD 11/16/13: 5x500m w/ 1:30 Rest – Post Splits and Favorite Drag Factor

Rowing WOD 11/16/13:

Suspension Drills

Recover to Strength in order to Suspend!

Recover to Strength in order to Suspend!

5 x 500m w/ 1:30 Rest

  1. @2k+5, Damper Set at 6
  2. @2k+5, Damper Set at 5
  3. @2k+5, Damper Set at 4
  4. @2k+5, Damper Set at 3
  5. @2k+5, Damper Set at 2

Check Drag Factor

Recently we’ve been reviewing the fundamental skills of posture, control, and connection.  Today we’ll take the idea of connection one step further as we feel what it means to suspend from the oar handle.  Suspension is all about using our body weight to hang on the oar and help accelerate the handle all the way through the drive.  The key is not to create any force Upward off the seat, but to just become weightless off your seat while keeping in contact with it.  Everything – forces, handle height, chain – needs to be HORIZONTAL when we row!  NO need to do extra Work (W = mgh) by moving stuff up and down every stroke, keep it horizontal!

Drills we’ll cover include the Stand Up/Sit Down drill to get the feeling of suspending above the seat.  Remember this is an exaggeration to get the correct sensation and feeling of good connection.  We will also do the Strap Drill where we statically hang and suspend from the handle while maintaining our body angles and strong postures.  Then we’ll do the Strap Drill dynamically by letting the strap out slowly and trying to hold suspension all the way through the drive.

In today’s Rowing WOD we’ll be varying the damper to find where we’re most efficient.  Over the next week play around with the damper to find where you’re most comfortable/efficient .  When you find a damper setting you like, check the drag factor so you can begin using a consistent drag factor.  For more information on Drag Factors read this article:

For today’s 500m pieces, try to focus on good connection and suspension while keeping a consistent split for all 5 pieces.  After you’re done look back at the memory to see what your average stroke rating was for each piece.  Whatever piece felt comfortable/efficient and was done at a stroke rating of 28-32 might be a good drag factor for you.  Take a couple of minutes to set the damper to that number and check the drag factor on the monitor.  Remember that drag factor and try to use it next time you row to see if you still like it.

Post your average splits and favorite drag factor to comments!

********** IMPORTANT *************

The biggest thing to focus on and practice right now is the fundamentals!!!  Body Preparation by Half Slide is Key and Connection to move the handle with the seat out of the Catch is key!  If you can Prep and Connect, the suspension will come.  Whenever focusing on suspension ensure your abs are engaged and you have a solid hollow body!  Protect those discs!

If you have any questions let me know!

Here is a quick video of the strap drill.  It’s a fun challenge to do dynamically. If you like what you see, come try it and train with the Renegade Rowing Club!  The Renegade Rowing Club starts December 2nd at 6:30pm at CrossFit Boston.  Let me know if you’re planning on coming…

2 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 11/16/13: 5x500m w/ 1:30 Rest – Post Splits and Favorite Drag Factor

  1. Damper #6. 1:59.2. 19s/m
    #5. 2:00.8. 23 s/m
    #4. 2:00.6. 23 a/m
    #3. 2:02.0. 23 s/m
    #2. 2:01.3. 22 s/m

    I suspect that s/m was suppose to increase as damper setting decreased, so I not sure what what my results tell me.
    Didn’t get the drag # since I didn’t see much variation.

    • Sounds good Ward. Ya, it was supposed to be more of a feel workout. What felt the most comfortable? I would check the drag factors with the damper set on 4, 5, and 6. Then over the next few weeks try each of those drag factors out and see what you like the best. A typical recommendation is a drag factor of 120-125 because it mimics the feel of rowing on the water.

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