Top 10 Reasons Erging is Better Than Training Outside in the Winter (even when it still sucks)

If you’re a runner or an athlete looking for good cross training options this winter checkout what one runner sent me even though she hates erging.  This was submitted by Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition … aka the Renegade Dietitian!  Share your thoughts!

Top 10 Reasons Erging is Better Than Training Outside in the Winter (even when it still sucks)

Three Renegades1. It’s cold outside. Today it was “feels like 16” in Boston. Running or rowing outdoors in that sucks.

2. Rowing is good for building power and strength in your legs, but is lower impact than running. Come row indoors and give those bones and joints a break.

3. Your nose won’t get as runny indoors.

4. It’s a bit tricky to row on the water when the water is ice. Unless you can put wheels on your boat. If you do, you should patent that.

5. You can’t slip and crack your spine on black ice when you’re rowing inside!

6. Rowing can help build strength and stability in your knees, just in time to prepare you for a good winter of skiing/boarding.

7. If you get too hot rowing in a heated gym, you can use the fan on your neighbor’s erg to cool off.

8. Forgot your shoes at home? No problem, you can row barefoot!

9. Rowing burns lots of calories in a short time. That means more sleep for you!

10. Rowing is good for the abs (seriously). If you do it right, you might just close out the winter with a 6-pack. Who doesn’t want a 6-pack?

If you’re interested in rowing this winter then you should join the Renegade Rowing Club.  We row together at 6:30pm at CrossFit Boston every Monday night starting December 2nd.  We’ll get you a training partner and before you know it you’ll be crushing life.  Email me,, if you’re interested in joining us!

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