Rest Day 11/24/13: How do you introduce rowing to new rowers?

Athletes from CFH2O getting after a partner 2k at the Renegade Rowing Workshop!

Athletes from CFH2O getting after a partner 2k at the Renegade Rowing Workshop earlier this year!

This past Friday I introduced a new client at the gym to rowing.  I was only using rowing as part of the warmup, but still needed to impart some words of advice on technique and “how to row” without taking the whole session.  I imagine it’s a challenge that a lot of athletes, rowers, and trainers run into.  What do you do with a class or client when there is limited time and you’d like to get them rowing well enough to have fun, push themselves, and walk away having learned something?

Below is a video I made when I was in the Institute for Rowing Leadership a couple of years ago.  One thing I might modify for using this type of intro in a gym setting would be to say the words “Push Away” instead of “Stretch Away” in order to emphasize that rowing is a pushing sport.  Try both though and see what happens.

If you have any good ideas or experiences for introducing rowing in 5min to new rowers or a class of athletes please share to comments!

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