Rowing WOD 12/3/13: 4x1k w/ 4min Rest – Post Fastest and Slowest Times/Splits

Rowing WOD 12/3/13:CFRowing Trainer Course Drills

4 x 1k w/ 4:00 rest

  • Execute Race Pace
  • Row like it’s the middle 1,000m of a 2k

While it’s good to constantly vary your training to push your boundaries, there is something to be said about repetition to build your confidence!  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to build your aerobic capacity and work on a couple of tactical and technique fixes.

Have a game plan for each piece including the split and stroke rating you want to hold.  Ideally each piece will be done consistently or a little bit faster.  If you’re working on efficiency or sequencing, focus on one fix each piece.  Perhaps you find your breath and rhythm on the first.  Or maybe it’s sequencing and body preparation that needs attention on the second.  If you choose the right pace it will build your confidence and you will be ready to tear up your next 2k and Rowing WOD. Below are some goals and times to think about.  Our next 2k will be the Renegade Rowing League on Saturday, December 21st!  Register Here!

Post your fastest and slowest times!

Interval Time = 3:15; Goal 2k Time = 6:30

Interval Time = 3:30; Goal 2k Time = 7:00

Interval Time = 3:45; Goal 2k Time = 7:30

Interval Time = 4:00; Goal 2k Time = 8:00

Interval Time = 4:15; Goal 2k Time = 8:30

Interval Time = 4:30; Goal 2k Time = 9:00

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/3/13: 4x1k w/ 4min Rest – Post Fastest and Slowest Times/Splits

  1. Slowest 1km 3.30.9 / 1:45.4 / 22
    Fastest 1km 3.27.4 / 1.43.7 / 23

    Perfect session to work on fixes (for me breathing and leg drive) and like you said a real good confidence builder about what pace I can potentially hold for a 2km.

    • Awesome Stephen! Nice job pushing yourself. Love the thoughts. Keep working on maintaining that power at the lower stroke ratings, but try to get comfortable at the high ratings for your next 2k. Ideally you want to be rowing at a 28-32 stroke rating in the race. I have a feeling you’re going to surprise yourself with how fast you can go once you get used to it. Keep up the great work!

  2. No high pull start. Goal 1:55 / 28 steady. Damper 6.
    3:52.8 1:56.4 / 27
    3:52.3 1:56.1 / 28
    3:51.1 1:55.5 / 26
    3:50.2 1:55.1 / 26
    My breathing gets in the way of faster s/m 🙂

    • Nice work Ward! That’s what we’re looking for. It will take a few weeks to build up your aerobic capacity to handle breathing at the higher rating. Try rowing with a Damper of 4-5 with the higher rating. You’ll need to turn the power on and connect with the legs a little bit quicker to hit the same split, but it should feel a little lighter and help with the breathing.

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