Rowing WOD 12/14/13: 3k Row, 2.5k Row, 2k Row – Post Avg. Splits

Rowing WOD 12/14/13:

The Ladies getting after it at the Renegade Rowing League last year!

The Ladies getting after it at the Renegade Rowing League last year!

3k Row

6min rest

2.5k Row

5min rest

2k Row

Why is rowing fun?  One reason is that it provides a challenge in learning technique to be as efficient as possible while working everything from your head to your toes.  Elsewhere in sports and training, if you’ve tried the Pose Method of running you may understand the beauty of focusing on technique and the perception of what your body is doing in space. Focusing on form and technique gives your mind something to work toward rather than complaining about how much your legs burn.

Today’s Rowing WOD is a good opportunity to focus on one or two form fixes but get after it as well.  Set the monitor for Intervals Variable and enter the work/rest accordingly.  This WOD has the potential to build your confidence in the 2k.  Come up with a plan and execute.  Be consistent with your splits and stroke ratings for all three.  If possible go a little bit faster on each piece.  Vets might try for a pace of 2k+5, 2k+4, 2k+3 for each successive piece with a stroke rating of 28-32.  Find your efficient stroke.  Novices should focus on one form fix for each piece and work hard to maintain a consistent split.

Post your Average 500m Splits to Comments along with an answer to this question…

Why is Rowing Fun?

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/14/13: 3k Row, 2.5k Row, 2k Row – Post Avg. Splits

  1. Why in rowing do they take long breaks between rows ? 3 min breaks ?
    Have been taking a rowing class for a month and they seem to rest often

    I am a new to rowing but I have been Crossfitting for 20 months that seems like a long rest

    • Good question David. It’s to ensure that the intensity and performance is as high as possible each piece. Rowing tends to build a lot of metabolic waste and playing around with recovery time can affect the results of the workout and training stimulus. It all depends on what you’re trying to get out of the workout and what your end goals are. In CrossFit it’s general physical preparedness, in rowing it’s a set distance as fast as possible. Both approaches work well, they’re just from different angles.

  2. Damper 6
    I like rowing: it’s a new endeavor, so I’m not sure rowing and I like each other, but I am discovering it’s easy on knee & shoulder joints, it builds aerobic conditioning, and it requires mental toughness. Rowing being defined as the erg – never been on the water.

    Goal 2K+15 (2:10). 12:48, 2:08 /27
    Goal 2K+10 (2:05). 10.22.8, 2:04.5 /27
    Goal 2K+5 (2.0). 8:05.1, 2:01.2 /28

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