Rowing WOD 1/18/14: 4 x 2:00 w/ :30 Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

Athletes from CFH2O getting after a partner 2k at the Renegade Rowing Workshop!

Athletes from CFH2O getting after a partner 2k at the Renegade Rowing Workshop last year.

4 x 2:00 w/ :30 Rest

  • Race Pace
  • Execute Race Plan – Look at Last Tuesday’s Rowing WOD to adjust your plan and pick the right splits.
  • Post Average Splits to Comments.

Strength WOD:

3 x 8 Shoulder Press

10 x :30 Handstand Holds

  • Post Loads to Comments.

Conditioning WOD:

Renegade Rowing Workshop

Look for a Renegade Rowing Workshop in March at Mountain Strength CF.

5 RFT – Partner WOD (Move Together)

5 Front Squats (135/95 lbs.)

5 Burpees Over the Bar

50m Banded Partner Drag (make them work!)

  • Post Team Name and Time to Comments.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about executing your race plan and sticking to your splits.  For the first piece come out fast with a good start and then 7 to 10 quick strokes.  Then be sure to settle right to the pace you’d like to hold for the first 500m of a 2k.   For the second and third pieces paddle into them and hold strong at your ideal race pace.  Imagine they are the second and third 500m of the race.  During the 30 seconds of rest paddle lightly, take deep breaths through your nose, and try to bring your heart rate down.  For the last piece hold steady at your race pace and then sprint out the last 30 seconds like you’re sprinting for the finish line.  Have positive mental cues ready for all 4 pieces just like during the race.  There is no room for negativity or “I can’t…” phrases.  They won’t help you.  Just sit up, breath, push the legs down, swing, have quick hands, and attack.  Each stroke is an opportunity to spin that flywheel a little faster and each piece an opportunity to get yourself that much closer to a personal record.  Get hungry and get after it!

Post your average 500m splits for each piece to comments.

4 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 1/18/14: 4 x 2:00 w/ :30 Rest – Post Splits

  1. Did my 2K time trial today rather than next week – pretty ugly as the splits will show, but still approx 9 seco PR
    7:38.8, 1:54.7 /28
    1:51.0 /30
    1:57.7 /28
    1:58.5 /25
    1:51.5 /29

  2. Had to do something before turning into a NFL couch potatoe. Just have to get stronger. – those middle sets bedevil me. And are you kidding me – breathe thru your nose ; I’m just trying to breathe. Good programing coach.
    May the force be w the Pats!
    2,105m, 1:54.0. /27
    1:49.6 /29
    1:55.6 /26
    1:55.6 /26
    1:55.3 /27

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