Rest Day 1/19/14: Congrats to all competitors at Not Your Average Joe’s!

Not Your Average Joe’s Team Competition Was Awesome!

The CrossFit Boston Family at Not Your Average Joe's Team Competition!

The CrossFit Boston Family at Not Your Average Joe’s Team Competition!

Just wanted to thank Dave Picardy, North Shore CrossFit, all the volunteers, and all the competitors for an awesome Saturday!  A number of teams from CrossFit Boston went up to compete and we all had a blast.  My team even managed to win the rowing event by rowing a 6:41 2k, relay style, and we came in second in the 2RM Clean and Jerk/Snatch.  Tons of fun had by all and it was a well run event.  Props to Dave for keeping everything running smoothly and on time.  Well Done Everyone!

Renegade Rowing League One Week Away!

If you’re interested in giving a competition a shot checkout what we have to offer at CrossFit Boston next Saturday!  The Renegade Rowing League (RRL) is a set of 2k Rowing Competitions held every winter to give athletes a chance to experience indoor racing on the Concept2 Ergometer and prepare them for CRASH-B’s, The World Indoor Rowing Championships.

The RRL will take place next Saturday, January 25th at 11am and CRASH-B’s will take place on February 16th.  If you’d like to compete sign up here!

Have a great Sunday watching football and relaxing with family and friends!

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