Rowing and Strength WOD 3/4/14: 10 x 250m w/ :45r and 5×5 Deadlift @80% – Post Splits and Loads

Rowing WOD:

Checkout Renegade Rowing at!

Checkout Renegade Rowing at!

10 x 250m w/ 45 seconds Rest

  • Execute Race Plan
  • Post Splits to Comments

Strength WOD:

5×5 Deadlift @80%

  • Post Loads to Comments

Conditioning WOD:


21 Double Unders

15 Air Squats

9 Push Ups

  • Post Score to Comments.

The Games Open is here!  What was your game plan for “14.1”?  Those with experience know the benefit of pacing, gaming, and executing a plan to produce a personal best performance.  In the end a game plan facilitates mental toughness and focus to deal with pain when things get tough.

Today’s focus is Rowing and Strength.  In the Rowing WOD focus on executing a 2k race plan at high intensity.  Set the monitor for intervals distance with 250m of Work and 45 seconds of Rest.  Row the first two pieces as if they were the start of the 2k.  Row the next three pieces as if they were part of the second 500m, Row the next three pieces as if they were part of the third 500m, and finish the last two pieces with a sprint like the end of a race.  In the Deadlifts grip it and rip it, but be sure to lock that breath in and keep good form.

This should not be an all out 250m Max Effort, but rather a calculated effort at a split close to what you think your current 2k split would be.  The goal should be to pull the lowest split possible, consistently through all 10 intervals.  For example: alternating between splits of 1:50 and 2:00 is inefficient.  Instead consistently pull 1:55 every interval.

Post your Splits and Thoughts to comments.

**** Example Dynamic Warm Ups ****

Renegade Rowing Dynamic WarmUp

Renegade Rowing DROM In Place

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