Conditioning WOD 3/3/14: “Cindy” – Post Score

Rowing WOD:RR Pull Ups

10min Erg Warmup

20 x 3 Strokes Pic Progression (Arms Only, Arms and Body, Full Stroke)

Conditioning WOD:



5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

  • Post Rounds and Reps to Comments.

Strength WOD:


3 Snatch

  • Touch and Go
  • Ascending
  • Post Load to Comments

Today is another opportunity to build strength and work capacity while focusing on the sport specifics of rowing.  Get in a good warmup on the erg and dial in your sequence on the recovery with the pic drill progression. Once you’re warm take it over to the platform and dial in your snatch technique being sure to stick each landing.  When you’re ready, attack “Cindy”.  During Cindy focus on quality reps/movement with good breathing and consistent pace.  Split it up as needed being sure not to go to failure on any single rep.  It will take twice as long to recover if you do.

Start the week off right and get after it!

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