Strength WOD 3/24/14: 7×1 Deadlift and Retest of 10+ RM – Post Results

Rowing WOD:

Brand New Renegades were formed at the RR Workshop at Mt. Strength CrossFit on Saturday!

10 Brand New Renegades were formed at the RR Workshop at Mt. Strength CrossFit on Saturday!

2 x 15′ w/ 5′ Rest

(5′ @ 20 s/m, 5′ @ 22, 3′ @ 24, 2′ @ 26)

  • Post Distances to Comments.

Strength WOD:

7×1 Deadlift

Then wait at least 5 minutes,

10+ RM Retest of heaviest load from last 3×10 DL

  • Post Loads to Comments.

Conditioning WOD:


12 Air Squats

6 Handstand Push Ups

400m Run

  • Post Score to Comments.

Our next 2k is here!  This Saturday all of our hard work gets put to the test.  Get in some solid work each day, but be sure you’re recovered, feeling good, and ready to compete when we 2k on Saturday.

Today’s Focus is Strength and we are testing both our 1 Rep Max as well as retesting our 10+ Rep Max at the heaviest weight we did for 3×10 Deadlifts six weeks ago.  Today’s Rowing WOD is a chance to work on Rhythm and Timing and is also a great warmup for our Strength WOD.  Every five minutes the rating will change to keep you focused.  Try to fix one part of your stroke each five minutes.  Your effort level on this should be such that you can get out sentences to a neighbor, but breathing is labored.  In the last five minutes keep your efficiency but really try to bring the split down as the stroke rating increases and start to get fired up for those Deadlifts!

Get after it and have a solid start to the week!

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