Rowing WOD 3/25/14: 8x250m w/ 45sec Rest – Post Plan and Splits

Rowing WOD:

2k Partner Relay w/ MSCF last Saturday!

2k Partner Relay w/ MSCF last Saturday! 

8 x 250m w/ 45 seconds Rest

  • Race Pace!
  • Execute like Race Plan
  • Post Race Plan and Splits to Comments

Conditioning WOD:


8 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs.)

8 Slam Balls (20/10 lbs.)

200m Run

Strength WOD:


5×5 Toes to Bar

5×5 GHD Hip Extensions

Our next 2k is this weekend and it is time to start thinking about your game plan. Those with experience know the benefit of pacing, gaming, and executing a plan to produce a personal best performance. In the end a game plan facilitates mental toughness and focus to deal with pain when things get tough.

Today’s focus is executing a 2k race plan at high intensity. Set the monitor for intervals distance with 250m of Work and 45 seconds of Rest. Row every piece just as you would during your 2k this weekend. Get off to a good start and settle on the first one. Stay consistent from pieces 2 − 4. Fight for that split on pieces 5-7. Bring it home in the last 250m.

This should not be an all out 250m Max Effort, but rather a calculated effort at a split close to what you think your current 2k split would be. The goal should be to pull the lowest split possible, consistently through all 10 intervals. For example: alternating between splits of 1:50 and 2:00 is inefficient. Instead consistently pull 1:55 every interval.

Use the mental cues that you practiced last week to be positive and attack! You want to be in control of your 2k, embrace the pain, and enjoy the glory. It all starts here. Final preparation. Do it!

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