Rowing WOD 4/11/14: AMRAP12 − 250m Row, 10 DL, 10 HR Push Ups – Post Score and Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Ever think about how you put the boat in the water?  Learn how!

Ever think about how you put the boat in the water? Learn how!

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12min …

250m Row (@2k+3 to 2k+5)

10 Deadlifts (185/125 lbs)

10 Hand Release Push Ups

Rowing finally showed up in the Open this year.  What does that mean?  Going into Regionals or any competition this summer you will need to be prepared for more Rowing WODs!  If the organizers decided to throw in a short rowing piece with high load movements over a long duration you need to know exactly what pace you can hold to remain efficient and stay in contention.  You’re ability to row might not win a WOD, but it will set you up to win it with the other movements.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about holding a consistent pace on the erg and pushing through the deadlifts and push ups.  If you want to get the full effect of this workout and be ready for competition you can’t coast.  If you can hold a pace of 3 split seconds slower than your 2k you will crush this.  It won’t be easy, so stay positive and focus on being smooth.  Keep breathing and get hungry for your next competition whether it’s in your own box or at Regionals.

Post the number of complete rounds plus additional reps to comments.  Also include your average splits for each 250m piece.

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