Renegade Rowing Team

The Renegade Rowing Team is an opportunity to take your training to the next level and have some fun with other athletes outside of the gym.  The Renegade Rowing Team will practice two nights a week from 6:30pm − 8pm starting in April.  Practices are held at CrossFit Boston and Community Rowing’s Harry Parker Boathouse in Brighton, MA.Our goal is to learn to scull in quads on the water and become competitive enough to race this Summer. Each member of the RenegadeRowing Team will be expected to set goals both as individuals and as a team.  Joining the Renegade Rowing Team is an opportunity to improve your training as well as everyone else’s.  Learn to row and race with your friends!

Renegade Rowing Team

  • Rumble-Renegade Rowers StartPractices at CrossFit Boston and CRI
  • Starts in April
  • Two nights per week from 6:30 pm − 8:00 pm
  • Races: 1k Distance on the water this Summer!
  • Cost: TBD Based on number of Renegades that sign up!

Renegade Rowing Team Flyer 2014 – Post in your Gym if you have members interested!

Get Strong, Get Fit, and Row Fast with Renegade Rowing!


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