Rowing WOD 4/29/14: 4 x 3min w/ 1:30 Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

Did you see any racing over the weekend?

Did you see any racing over the weekend?

4 x 3min w/ 1:30 Rest

  • Execute Ideal 2k Race Pace
  • Be consistent but bring the intensity

We performed this Rowing WOD back in March as a way of building consistency at hitting our goal 2k pace.  Look back to see how you did and bring your best for today’s Rowing WOD.  With a 2:1 work to rest ratio this workout will get tough, but if you can bring the intensity, stay consistent, and hit your numbers you will be ready to crush our next 2k or perhaps the 2k that might pop up at Regionals.

When competing we need to be able to follow a game plan and execute with control at full intensity, whether it’s a 5k row or a snatch ladder.  Many of you are looking to break a 7min or 8min 2k.  Those that can develop a race plan, hit their splits, and stick to their stroke ratings will come out on top and crush that goal.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about focusing on that control and execution at full intensity.  Each piece should be full pressure trying to hold your ideal race pace.  You should visualize what it will be like in the middle of your 2k and what you will do to maintain mental toughness.  Be smooth, be consistent, breathe, and execute!

Post your average 500m splits for each piece to comments!

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