Rowing WOD 4/30/14: 4RFD – 20 DU, 200m Run, 2min Row – Post Meters Rowed

Rowing WOD:

Keep good posture on the Double Under's!

Keep good posture on the Double Under’s!

4 Rounds For Distance (15min Cap) …

20 Double Unders

200m Run

2min Row for Meters

Through training we are constantly using all of our metabolic pathways, which range from short and anaerobic in nature to long and aerobic.  We want to be able to efficiently use our energy systems whether we’re drawing from our muscles or our breath.  It’s good to choose workouts throughout the week that focus on one or the other and occasionally mix the two.  In this manner we’ll be ready for anything, whether it’s a planned start in a 2k race or a counter move in the middle to hold off an unexpected attack of another boat.  We need to be able to execute our own race plan but be ready to adapt on moments notice if the race isn’t going according to plan.

Today’s Rowing WOD is awesome because it’ll require all of our metabolic pathways to fire.  In the 2 minute piece at the end of each round try to execute each part of your 2k race plan, especially the start.  Hit your splits and go hard.  During the run and the double unders try to keep the pace consistent between rounds, focus on making the work aerobic, and find a smooth rhythm.  To finish this workout under 15 minutes and get as many meters as possible you will have to execute a game plan.  However, be ready to push if your double unders start to slow you down.

Have fun and post the total distance rowed to comments as well as the distance for each round.

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