Rowing WOD 5/16/14: 5RFT – 100m Row, 8 WB, 6 CTB, 4 Pistols, 2 KB Snatch – Post Time

Rowing WOD:

RRT practicing the release in singles!

RRT practicing the release in singles!

5 Rounds For Time …

100m Row

8 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs to 10 ft target)

6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

4 Pistols Each Side (Single Leg Squats, 4 each side)

2 Kettle Bell Snatches Each Arm (1.5/1 pood)

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about skill and balance.  Rather than throw a ton of volume at you, I wanted to give everyone a chance to move quickly with high skill.  Warmup each movement and focus on a couple of cues that will dial in the skill of the movement and make it easier when the volume is high.

Feel suspension in the legs for the 100m Row and see if you can finish it in 10 strokes.  For the Wall Balls focus on the timing of the hips and legs so that you save your energy and can remain accurate.  Hit that target every time.  During the chest to bar pull ups try to find a rhythm that can be maintained and controlled for all 6 reps unbroken.  In the pistols be smooth without hesitating at the top or bottom.  During the Kettle Bell Snatches anticipate where the bell is going and be quick with your hand as you punch through to meet it at the top without banging your wrist.

Practice the transitions in between each movement.  Get technical, move well, push the pace, and have fun.  Should be a quick burner!

Post your time to comments!

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