Rest Day 5/15/14: What will you be looking for at Regionals? – Share!

Rest Day:

Rowing Warmup at CFB

What will you be looking for at Regionals?

Rowing takes place in the first workout on Sunday for both individuals and teams at Regionals.  Can you tell from a distance who is crushing it and will hop off the erg first?  What does their form look like?  Is it smooth, continuous motion?  How’s the posture? When are they breathing?  What’s the stroke rating?  Does it look efficient?  If you see something that looks good and is working, figure out why it’s working and perhaps try it yourself next time you’re in the gym.

If you want to learn more about your form and how to help others you should think about setting up or attending a Renegade Rowing Workshop.

Share your thoughts on Rowing at Regionals to comments!

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