Rowing WOD 5/20/14: Max Pressure – 1.5k, 1k, 500m, 250m – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

RRT Balancing at Bodies Over!

RRT Balancing at Bodies Over!

Max Pressure

1,500m w/ 5:00 Rest

1,000m w/ 4:00 Rest

500m w/ 2:00 Rest

250m w/ 1:00 Rest

Last week we did a similar WOD with almost twice the volume.  When volume drops, intensity should increase.  This Summer we will be focused on improving our 1k time as most masters athletes will be competing on the water at that distance.  Fear not all you fire-breathing 2k athletes, if you can focus on improving your 1k, your 2k will improve as well.  Getting after shorter distances requires more intensity without diminishing the form.  High Intensity is your ability to push your boundaries a little further everyday.  If you never test your limits you’ll never know what you’ve got.  Go as hard as you can until the form starts to break down and then dial it back a little.

Did you do “Jackie” last week?  How was your form under pressure?  DId your rowing ability limit you or was it your pull ups?  This weekend we will test just our 1k so that we have a baseline for the summer.  If you can drop your 1k this summer then next time “Jackie” rolls around you can crush it!

Todays Rowing WOD calls for Max Pressure and is a test of your ability to consistently perform at your highest intensity.  Your goal should be to beat your splits from last Tuesday.  Set the monitor for Intervals Variable and input 1.5k, 5min rest, 1k, 4min rest, 500m, 2min rest, 250m, 1min rest.  Pick a 500m Split and a Stroke Rating you plan to hold for each distance.

Remember, the goal is to row at max pressure for every piece.  Focus on your split and stroke rate and row at high intensity with good form.

  • Post your average 500m splits to comments.

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