Rowing WOD 6/14/14: 1,500m Row – Post Time and Avg Split

RRT Prepping for there epic end of term Renegade Rowing WOD on Wednesday.

RRT Prepping for their epic end of term Renegade Rowing WOD on Wednesday.

Rowing WOD:

1,500m Row @1k+2

In two weeks we will be testing our 1k again.  Today and next Saturday will provide an opportunity to work on pulling consistent splits close to our 1k goal over longer time domains.  Today’s goal should be to have a solid sprint start and then settle to a pace that is 2 split seconds slower than the pace you would like to hold for you 1k test.  Get in a good warmup and really execute.  There is only one piece today, so in the last 250m be sure to sprint all out and leave nothing in the tank.

Have a great weekend!

Post your time and average split to comments.

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