Rowing WOD 6/24/14: 10 x :30 On, :30 Off – Post Splits and Stroke Rates

Rowing WOD:

RRC Catch10 x :30 On, :30 Off

  • @1k Pace

It’s been 6 months since we’ve done this workout.  We hit this Rowing WOD at the beginning of the year.  Now is a good time to look back and see how you’ve done with training both in consistency and progress toward your goals.  This Saturday we will be testing our 1k again.  Let’s kick this week off right by setting the tone today and doing everything we can to be ready for Saturday.

How come we can’t just lift heavy and row hard all the time?  Well some people may think that they can, but inevitably they get injured or hit a plateau.  So how do we improve if we plateau?  One way is to back off a little to focus on other aspects of lifting or rowing like speed and power.

The goal of today’s Rowing WOD is to consistently row at 1k pace every piece.  If you can negative split it even better!

Post your average splits and stroke ratings.  Comment on your consistency and recovery between pieces.

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