Rowing WOD 6/25/14: Death By Rowing Push Ups – 2 Cal, 2 PU … – Post Time/Round

Rowing WOD:

Kathryn demos the erg push up!

Death By Rowing Push Ups

Every minute add 2 Calories and 2 Push Ups until you can no longer complete the prescribed amount of work in that minute.

  • 1st min – Row 2 Calories, 2 Push Ups
  • 2nd min – 4 Cal, 4 Push Ups
  • 3rd min – 6 Cal, 6 Push Ups
  • 4th min – 8 Cal, 8 Push Ups
  • etc ….

Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to see how far you’re willing to push yourself.  Focus on using the legs to pick up the flywheel and letting the hands swing through the finish quick and clean.  If you can rely on your legs and body for power your arms should recover and be ready for more push ups.

Chest touches!

On the push ups be sure to keep your abs and glutes firm with shoulders away from the ears.  Full range of motion is the chest to the floor and elbows extended at the top.  If you have to scale use an abmat as a target or elevate your hands on a bench.  Really focus on your brace from hands to feet with good breathing.  Last but not least, practice the quick release in the early rounds so that you’re ready for the transition from erg to floor and back in your final rounds.

Post your total time to comments, aka – the round you failed on.

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