Rowing WOD 6/28/14: 1k Test – Post Time, Avg Split, Avg Stroke Rate

RRT Row, Run, 1k, Run, RowRowing WOD:

1k Row For Time

How well does your body operate at its anaerobic threshold?  How much power can you maintain and still remain aerobic?  Today’s assessment will give you an idea of your work capacity in a 4 minute time frame.  You’ll be pulling from both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.  If you can make the middle two minutes more aerobic, then you’ll be able to go harder in your start and sprint to the finish.

Set your monitor for 1,000 meters and get after it.  Be sure to record your time, average 500m split, average stroke rating, and average watts.

For those wondering why we’re doing a 1k test and how to attack it, think of this as your next attempt at the Girl WOD “Jackie”.  The athlete who can efficiently and effectively move their body weight will be able to consistently do more work without having to dip into anaerobic energy stores during the middle of the workout.  Also, when tackling “Jackie”, good competitors will go in with a game plan based on what they know they can maintain.  Athletes will want to be ready to crush the thrusters and pull ups to get a fast time.

Whether you’re a Vet or Novice, the goal should be to have a strong start, settle and stay strong through the middle, and absolutely crush the sprint in the last 200m.  Stroke rating should be high, above 30 s/m.  A good goal would be 3 split seconds faster than your 2k split.

Let us know how you do!  Post your results to Comments.

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