Rowing WOD 6/27/14: 4RFT – 200m Row, 20 Air Squats – Post Time and 1k Goal

Rowing WOD:

Bringing it home in the sprint! Who's interested in joining the Renegade Rowing Team this Summer?

4 Rounds For Time …

200m Row

20 Air Squats

Today’s Rowing WOD is a quick burner to get primed for our 1k test tomorrow.  This is a great opportunity to not only practice the start and finish of your 1k, but the quick release transition on and off the erg for competitions.  For the first 2 pieces perform your start and settle.  Since the piece is so short you may only have a couple of strokes to settle before getting off the erg.  Make them count!  Hit your 1k goal pace the stroke after your 10 high in the start.  For the last 2 pieces build over 10 to your 1k goal pace and then sprint out the last 10 strokes with negative splits.  During the squats be smooth and breathe.  Make sure you hit full depth to give the quads a little break and flush out some lactic acid from those quads.

I hope your excited to crush the 1k tomorrow.  The tryout for the Renegade Rowing Team will involve a 1k and it would be awesome to have a game plan and know where you’re at going in.  Tryouts will be July 17th at 5:30am at Community Rowing.  Sign Up Here and come ready to crush it.

Post your time and 1k goal to comments.

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