Rowing WOD 7/25/14: 7 x :45 Row w/ 2min Rest, Heavy C&J – Post Splits and Loads

Rowing WOD:

Stick that landing with elbows up!

Max Effort

7 x :45 Row w/ 2min Rest

During each rest perform a heavy clean and jerk.

Olympic lifters are known for their power and speed, two skills required to move boats fast.  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to build and test your power and speed in rowing and lifting.  Be sure to warmup on the erg and platform before attempting this max effort workout.

Perform a 45 second row all out and then during the two-minute rest attempt a heavy clean and jerk.  Focus on a strong core and keeping your hips connected to your hands.

Post your splits and loads for each movement.

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