Rowing WOD 11/15/14: 2k Row w/ 4 LEB’s EMOM – Post Time

Rowing WOD:Lateral Erg Burpee Air

2k Row

w/ 4 Lateral Erg Burpees Every Minute On the Minute

Welcome to the Weekend!  Get excited because everyday is another day closer to the start of the Renegade Rowing League (RRL) and the CRASH-B’s.  The First Renegade Rowing League race of the season will be held next Saturday, November 22nd at 8am.  Sign up here if you’d like to join us and compete!  If you or your gym is interested in competing at the RRL please let me know –

Chest to the deck!

Today’s Rowing WOD should provide some fun and motivation for the RRL!  This is a great one to challenge a training partner with!  If you’re a novice rower pick one split that you can confidently hold for every stroke that you’re on the erg.  Focus on smooth rowing and being efficient.  If you’re a Vet try to hold your 2k goal split each time you’re on the erg and practice your quick release transitions getting the feet out to do the burpees.  Be sure to push both thumbs down as you pull your toes up to loosen those straps.  Remember, every minute on the minute you must complete 4 lateral erg burpees!

Post your time to comments.

6 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 11/15/14: 2k Row w/ 4 LEB’s EMOM – Post Time

  1. Bob and I did this one this morning. A good burner; and deceptively challenging, as the burpees took longer than expected, resulting in less time to row. We did this one with the feet outside the straps.

    14:12 for me.


  2. Went local and did Fight Gone Bad. Combined w Wednesday’s Jackie, I’m fried.
    Tomorrow’s football will be watched on a lacrosse ball and foam roller.

  3. Hi Everyone; I’m new and this is my first post. I wasn’t sure where to post this as I’m modifying the Renegade program to suit my goals. Let me know if it should go elsewhere.
    I was very intrigued by the whole Renegade Rowing template and decided to apply it to my upcoming goal, which is an 8 mile mountain running race in St. John, USVI at the end of February. I row on the water during the summer and occasionally race, though slowly.
    I categorize myself as a R3 athlete so I’ll try and get in 9 blocks/week, although I only can train 4 days/week.
    On 11/16: Race Prep Block: 4 rounds on the treadmill, 1/4 mile at 0% incline,1/4 mile at 5%
    Strength and Conditioning Block: Nancy in a Boat: 45# OHS. 2:10/2:11/2:12/2:10/2:13. Erg is on sliders with a ShoxBox on the back, so splits a little slower than if on the floor.
    Total Time:17:04

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