Rowing WOD 11/29/14: 8x2min w/ 1min Rest – Post Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Rowing Feet Out!  Well done staying connected to the footboards through the finish! Renegade Rowing Club Starts Monday @6:30pm @CFB

Rowing Feet Out! Well done staying connected to the footboards through the finish! Renegade Rowing Club Starts Monday @6:30pm @CFB


  • Reverse Pic Drill

RWOD: 8 x 2min w/ 1min Rest as follows:

2′ @28 s/m (2K+4)

2′ @30 (2K+2)





2′ @33 (2K-1)

2′ @34 (2K-2/OPEN)

Today we’re continuing our work and discovery of maintaining pressure through the drive so that we can have a clean, balanced finished.  The goal is to be smooth and efficient stroke after stroke to save energy for later in the race, like the 3rd 500, when things really get tough.  When rowing feet out try to suspend all the way through the drive.  Time the finish so that you don’t tuck the hips, fall off your sit bones, and/or dump down into the finish.  The idea is to focus on pointing the toes just as you draw the arms to the body.  If you can imagine placing your body at the finish so it can immediately swing forward with control then you’ll be ready to breath and get hungry for the next catch.

In today’s workout dial in that suspension each piece and be consistent with your pressure.  You should aim to keep your split to the prescribed pace +/-1 spilt second.  In the coming weeks we’ll be building up to longer pieces at race pace, so build up your confidence now by picking a split you can hold every piece.  If you execute each piece according to plan then get after it on the last one and see how much you have left in the tank.  When things get tough always focus on your breathing and being consistent with your effort on each stroke.  Smooth is fast!

Post your average split for each piece to comments!

Here are a couple of videos to checkout with the rear of the erg elevated and rowing feet out.

4 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 11/29/14: 8x2min w/ 1min Rest – Post Avg Splits

  1. I rowed with Therese & Joyce on Sunday morning. I focused on posture & keeping my hands up as I went into the catch. Tried to maintain a 2:12 pace. I am not good at the slower stroke rates.

  2. 2:12.1 @ 28
    2:03.4 @ 29
    2:05.7 @ 30
    2:08.7 @ 29
    2:10.1 @ 28
    2:15.1 @ 28
    2:09.0 @ 30
    2:08.2 @ 31

    sooo not exactly the plan… but ok. want to get the the point where the third bit keeps consistent… no rise before the final push

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