Renegade Rowing Club

RRL Race 1Every Winter it gets cold outside and it’s no longer fun to run or row along the Charles River.  So what should runners, rowers, and athletes in Boston do?

The Renegade Rowing Club has the solution!

The Renegade Rowing Club is a group of like-minded athletes looking to hold each other accountable and train to reach their goals.  From December until February the RRC learns how to push themselves to the absolute limit over 2,000m on the Concept2 Ergometer.  The end goal of the group is to compete and achieve a personal record for the 2k Row at CRASH-B’s, The Indoor Rowing World Championships, which are held here in Boston every February.  On the road to the CRASH-B’s we will train for and compete in the Renegade Rowing League, which is another 2k Race held in December and January to prepare for CRASH-B’s.

If you’d like to get better at rowing, learn proper technique, develop a smooth and efficient stroke, and have some fun this winter then sign up below!  You can join any time.  Please submit the registration form and then click on the appropriate paypal link to pay for your first month of the Renegade Rowing Club.

CrossFit Boston Member – $47 /month

Renegade Athlete (Non CFB Member) – $77 /month

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