Rowing WOD 12/2/14: 4x1k w/ 4min Rest – Post Fastest and Slowest Times/Splits

RRTP 12-1-14

Rowing WOD:CFRowing Trainer Course Drills

4 x 1k w/ 4:00 rest

  • Execute Race Pace
  • Row like it’s the middle 1,000m of a 2k

While it’s good to constantly vary your training to push your boundaries, there is something to be said about repetition to build your confidence!  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to build your aerobic capacity and work on a couple of tactical and technique fixes.

Have a game plan for each piece including the split and stroke rating you want to hold.  Ideally each piece will be done consistently or a little bit faster.  If you’re working on efficiency or sequencing, focus on one fix each piece.  Perhaps you find your breath and rhythm on the first.  Or maybe it’s sequencing and body preparation that needs attention on the second.  If you choose the right pace it will build your confidence and you will be ready to tear up your next 2k and Rowing WOD. Below are some goals and times to think about.  Our next 2k will be the Renegade Rowing League on Saturday, December 20th! Register Here!

Post your fastest and slowest times!

Interval Time = 3:15; Goal 2k Time = 6:30

Interval Time = 3:30; Goal 2k Time = 7:00

Interval Time = 3:45; Goal 2k Time = 7:30

Interval Time = 4:00; Goal 2k Time = 8:00

Interval Time = 4:15; Goal 2k Time = 8:30

Interval Time = 4:30; Goal 2k Time = 9:00

8 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/2/14: 4x1k w/ 4min Rest – Post Fastest and Slowest Times/Splits

  1. 4x1k w/4min rest
    1. 2:14/500m
    2. 2:16.7/500m @ 29 s/m (4:33.5/1k)
    3. 2:16.0/500m @ 30 s/m
    4. 2:15.8/500m @ 32 s/m (4:31.6/1k)

    A few seconds slower than my actual race pace (2:12) but the goal was consistency (sub 2:15/500m 29-31 s/m) and better FORM!

    Rose: I love my teammates and being apart of this team! 🙂
    Thorn: Need to Warrior Up! The next glorious 2k event is just around the corner and there’s so more work to do…

  2. Splits
    2:11.5 @ 28 – Total 4:23.0
    2:09.8 @ 28 – Total 4:19.7
    2:11.4 @ 28 – Total 4:22.8
    2:10.5 @ 28 – Total 4:21.0

    Was shoot for consistent 2:10 splits. Need to work on conistency and want to be able to up the stroke rating with control…. on this was not having it,

    But happy with the work 😉

  3. 2:11 @ 28 – Total 4:22
    2:10 @ 29 – Total 4:20
    2:09 @ 29 – Total 4:18
    2:08 @ 29 – Total 4:17

    Starting out, I had 2:14 in mind as a goal. I didn’t want to be too ambitious, since the goal was to stay consistent or even get a bit faster. I came in under that on the first one and felt ok, so I just tried to stay at about the pace of the first split.

    I notice that I get really sloppy as I get tired though, and feel like what I have for form just disappears. All of my mental energy is going into pushing through and blocking discomfort, and there’s nothing left for thinking about posture, connection, suspension, arm height, etc. Hopefully this will improve as good form becomes more automatic.

    • You said it Lauryn! As good form becomes more natural and easier to maintain you won’t have to think about it and you can put all of your mental energy into staying positive and mentally strong. Keep focused on consistent training and perfecting your form. It’ll be there come race day!

      On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 11:48 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote:


  4. 4x1k w/4min rest.
    Goal: 1:53 – 1:52 – 1:51 – 1:40 splits
    1. 1:50.0
    2. 1:54.9
    3. 1:53.4
    4. 1:52.8
    Too much bouncing of the knees at the catch. Need to focus on that, although it’s challenging to do so while trying to maintain negative splits.

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