Compete! Re-Test “Sculler X”! – Post your score and any improvement

Today is a Competition Day!  Compete with yourself and try to crush your previous time!

Results from Sculler X last week.

Results from Sculler X last week.

Preparation vs. Competition

In our plan one week will be a microcycle. Our microcycles can be classified as either preparation or competition. During a preparation microcycle a fitness block and/or a rowing block will be introduced and then repeated the following week. In the following week, aka – competition microcycle, those blocks will be repeated and individuals will be expected to compete and try to better their performances from the preparation microcycle.

This week is a great example.  Today is a Re-Test of “Sculler X”, which was introduced last week.  Last week was a preparation microcycle and this week is the competition microcycle.  If you did “Sculler X” last Wednesday and you are attacking it again today your goal should be to finish the rowing for calories in one less stroke and hold a more consistent pace overall.  Last week you prepared.  This week you drop the hammer and compete.  Have fun and get after it!  Let us know how you do and if you were able to improve.

The Renegades throwing down with "Sculler X" last week!

The Renegades throwing down with “Sculler X” last week!

Strength and Conditioning WOD:


“Sculler X”

5 Rounds For Time:

10 Pistols (5 each leg)

10 Push Ups

10 Kettle Bell Swings (2/1.5 Pood)

10 Calories on the Erg


When rowing on the water balance and single leg strength come into play much more than rowing indoors on the erg.  Exercises like the pistol (single leg squat) really help develop the sense of balance and power needed to move a boat.  Think about making a big turn in a sculling shell mid race, like any of the turns in the Head of the Charles.  A sculler must be able to balance (a.k.a. set) the boat and transfer force to the water.  Those that do this well maintain boat speed around turns and can walk through opponents.  If you can’t do a pistol yet substitute goblet squats.

Keep a firm core

The push up is a great stabilizing exercise if you try to keep the hips and torso quiet.  Everything needs to move together.  Keep that core firm and ensure everything touches and leaves the ground at the same time.  Last but not least there is the kettle bell swing.  Really focus on driving through the heels and activating the glutes and hamstrings while keeping a solid core.

Full depth push up!

Now hold up!  What about all of the athletes out there that are using rowing as a cross training tool?  You’re in luck.  If you can piece together good efficient movement in the first three exercises then you should be able to crush the row for calories at the end of each round.

Your goal should be consistent, efficient strokes.  For those that have been working on suspension and have tried a drill like the strap drill, you’ll want to fully suspend throughout each stroke in order to get done in as few strokes as possible.  If you suspend well and can maintain a nice ratio then the rowing part of this workout will become active rest and allow you to breathe.  Don’t get me wrong, 10 calories is not much and you should be pushing the pace, but work on suspension and make the rowing as effortless as possible so you can crush the rest of this Rowing WOD.

Post your time and the fewest number of strokes it took to complete 10 calories!

What do you think? Post comments here:

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