Rowing WOD 12/13/14: 3k Row, 2.5k Row, 2k Row – Post Avg. Splits

Who’s ready for the second race of the Renegade Rowing League?  It takes place next Saturday, December 20th at 8am!  The more the merrier!  Register Here!

Rowing WOD:

The Ladies getting after it at the Renegade Rowing League last year!

3k Row

6min rest

2.5k Row

5min rest

2k Row

Why is rowing fun?  One reason is that it provides a challenge in learning technique to be as efficient as possible while working everything from your head to your toes.  Elsewhere in sports and training, if you’ve tried the Pose Method of running you may understand the beauty of focusing on technique and the perception of what your body is doing in space. Focusing on form and technique gives your mind something to work toward rather than complaining about how much your legs burn.

Today’s Rowing WOD is a good opportunity to focus on one or two form fixes but get after it as well.  Set the monitor for Intervals Variable and enter the work/rest accordingly.  This WOD has the potential to build your confidence in the 2k.  Come up with a plan and execute.  Be consistent with your splits and stroke ratings for all three.  If possible go a little bit faster on each piece.  Vets might try for a pace of 2k+5, 2k+4, 2k+3 for each successive piece with a stroke rating of 28-32.  Find your efficient stroke.  Novices should focus on one form fix for each piece and work hard to maintain a consistent split.

Post your Average 500m Splits to Comments along with an answer to this question…

Why is Rowing Fun?


13 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/13/14: 3k Row, 2.5k Row, 2k Row – Post Avg. Splits

  1. Used 1:50 as a 2K split goal, with the 3K goal of 1:55; 2.K at 1:54, and 2K at 1:53. The reality was somewhat different, and I inadvertently programmed a 3.5K for the first heat:

    3.5K 13:32.5 1:56 split @ 31 s/m
    2.5K 9:55.6 1:59 split @ 31 s/m
    2K 8:10.7 2:02.6 split @ 30 s/m

    First heat felt good, but six minutes rest apparently was not enough for me to maintain the negative splits the exercise required on the subsequent heats. The final 2K was disastrous, as I was out of fuel. A huge “thank you” to all the Renegades who showed up this AM to share the pain!

    Why is rowing fun? Rowing’s fun because it’s a full body workout that provides some sense of accomplishment (however small), and a sense of anticipation for what’s in store on the water!

    • Exactly Thor! I’m glad you guys all got together to do this! Strength in numbers! We are going to have a blast on the water next year! Way to finish this one even on an empty tank. Redemption is coming this weekend! Gametime!

      On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 10:34 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote: > >

  2. I was a little intimidated by this workout! It was so great to have such a large group of renegades to row with, though. I aimed for a pace south of 2:20, a stroke rate of 28 or above, and not feeling like I wanted to die by the end of the first one. I figured I would just try to hold the pace after that. I ended up with:

    3k at a 2:14 pace, 28 sr
    2.5k at a 2:16 pace, 29 sr
    2k at a 2:16 pace, 29 sr

  3. This was an intense workout! I never rowed this much in my life! My body is definitely getting used to it:) I was so focused on the avg split that I forgot to remember how long it took me each round.

    3k: 2:22 split
    2.5k: 2:19
    2k: 2:16

    Why is rowing fun? What I’ve liked about rowing is that you can do it no matter the weather. I hate having to bundle up to go running in the winter, so it’s nice to know I can always row if it’s too icy or cold.

    • Good point on training indoors when the weather sucks! Great to have you Kathy! You are now officially a renegade, especially after tackling that workout! Keep it going!

      On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Renegade Rowing wrote: > >

  4. Sunday “Fun” Day:
    3K: 2:20.2 @ 28 s/m
    2.5K: 2:27 @ 27 s/m*
    2K: 2:25.4 @ 28 s/m
    * Estimate after I plugged in 2k vs 2.5 by accident and had to combined the extra 500m.

    Rode the struggle bus this morning and last to board the Pain Train. Jumped right in, flew out of the gates too fast. Had to damage control to stop the bleeding during second heat.

    Rowing is only “fun” when:
    1. Your coach awesome and gives the team a super fun question deferring the focus off the 7.5k of suck to reflect on the positives!
    2. Your teammates are awesome and no Renegade is left behind! (Thanks, guys!)
    3. You get to eat more!

  5. Last year I can say I never would be doing this kind is workout…I definitely used to “cherry pick” rowing workouts. Alas…I rallied the troops today & am so glad as many showed up so I could hide on my erg in the corner.
    I most definitely bonked on the last 2K. In the last 300m I was able to do a sub 2:15….which was good for little, old me.

    3k: 2:19
    2.5k: 2:20
    2k: 2:22

    Why is rowing fun??? Uhhhhhh, why is rowing fun… challenges me.

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