Rowing WOD 12/16/14: 6x650m w/ 1:45 Rest – Post Avg Splits

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Rowing WOD:

The Shallow V

6 x 650m w/ 1:45 Rest


Are you ready for your next 2k?  Our’s will be this Saturday, December 20th, at the second race of the Renegade Rowing League for this Winter.  Make sure you have a game plan going in. Use today’s Rowing WOD to test out different strategies and build confidence in your rowing. Perform the first two pieces with a focus on consistency in stroke rating and splits. If you’re feeling solid try to go a little bit faster each consecutive piece.  Keep after your training as we go through December and the Holidays.  It will be January before you know it and CRASH-B’s is right around the corner.  There will be more to come on preparing for the 2k.

Post your average splits for each piece to comments!

7 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 12/16/14: 6x650m w/ 1:45 Rest – Post Avg Splits

  1. Goal was a 1:49 split for each 650m heat. Split time results:

    1:45.6 @ 33 s/m
    1:48.9 @ 33 s/m
    1:48.9 @ 32 s/m
    1:48.7 @ 31 s/m
    1:48.0 @ 30 s/m
    1:48.6 @ 33 s/m

    First four heats felt good. Focused on keeping knees down at the finish, and this seemed to provide just enough power-per-stroke to control the split time. The last two heats were tough, and it was only through a mad rush of gasping and grabbing over the last 125m that I managed to lower the overall split time for those heats, and that last 125m, I’m sure, was not pretty.

    • Great work and execution Thor! Your efficiency and smoothness is definitely getting better and remaining longer into each piece. Well done getting the job done at the end even if it wasn’t pretty. Keep up the good work and make it prettier next time!

      On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 8:13 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote: > >

  2. Goal was a 2:11 split for each 650m heat. Split time results:

    2:11.3 @ 33 s/m
    2:12.3 @ 33 s/m
    2:12.7 @ 32 s/m
    2:12.6 @ 31 s/m
    2:13.4 @ 34 s/m
    2:15.3 @ 33 s/m

    First 650 felt okay….then it got progressively worse. I don’t want to make any excuses….but…I don’t think I was fully recovered from last night’s Crossfit WOD (backsquats). My muscles were really tight by the last 650m…which is reflected in the pace/500m. Sincerely…Frustrated Drunken Soldier.

    • Ya, I hear you with those back squats Jess! Great start on that first one. Just focus on good recovery this week and you’ll be ready to bring it Saturday!

      On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 9:37 AM, Renegade Rowing wrote: > >

  3. Goals: 2:12/650m, “posture, posture”, and be epic!
    1. 2:09.7 @ 31 s/m
    2. 2:18.0 @ 31 s/m
    3. 2:14.8 @ 32 s/m
    4. 2:16.5 @ 34 s/m
    5. 2:15.3 @ 34 s/m
    6. 2:11.8 @ 37 s/m

    I tried to stay within the game plan that was written on the white board with each split. Attempted to slow the pace down on the second heat but not that slow, haha. Split 3-5 I aimed to hold sub 2:15 best as possible. Hit the NOS on 6 (thanks Nick!) which left me “Row’d killed” on the floor but happy! Thanks Pat for the feedback and extra push!

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