RRTP 12-29-14 and RWOD 12/29/14: Partner 3k Row w/ Max Double Unders – Post Time and Reps

Here’s to the last few days of the year!  I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and Holiday.  Get pumped for the New Year because it’s going to be epic.  Don’t forget to take a look below at the training plan for the week.

RRTP 12-29-14

Snapshot of this weeks training plan.  Don't forget to sign up for the next Renegade Rowing League!

Snapshot of this weeks training plan. Don’t forget to sign up for the next Renegade Rowing League!

Rowing WOD 12/29/14:

Partner WOD

Accumulate 3k Row and Max Double Unders

(1 person rows, 1 person does double unders)

As we look to 2015 it’s time to reconnect and catch up with friends and loved ones.  Use today’s Rowing WOD as an opportunity to work hard together and feel good heading into the New Year.

Competition is a big part of rowing and sports, especially when there are teams or communities involved.  While the thrill of intrinsic motivation should be what drives us, we should not forget about the power of the opponent or the teammate in competition.  We can push ourselves as individuals, but the opportunity to push ourselves against others will only make us better.

For today’s Rowing WOD put together teams of two and compete.  You and your partner can switch whenever you want.  What will be your strategy? (If you have to do this on your own then accumulate 2k by rowing 500m intervals and performing double unders for the amount of time it took you to row the 500m.  The Undefined Rest function on the C2 Erg is great for this!)

Post your time and max double unders to comments.  Team Names Encouraged!

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