Rowing WOD 1/6/15: 500m, 2min Rest, 1k, 4min Rest, 2k – Post Avg Splits

Training Plan for the week: RRTP 1-5-15

Rowing WOD:

The RRC getting after it!

The RRC getting after it!

500m @32 s/m (2k-1)

2min rest

1k @30 (2k)

4min rest

2k @28 (2k+2 to 2k+4)

Elite rowing and fitness is all about developing power through high intensity.  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to push your boundaries and test the limits of your speed and endurance.  Attack the first piece and get used to going faster.  Imagine you are going to pull that split for your next race.  Catch your breath and then focus on being efficient and powerful at race pace for 1,000m at a lower stroke rating of 30s/m.  After another good rest, work on mental toughness and endurance over 2,000m as you get used to the time required for complete focus during a race.

If you’re interested in joining us for our next race please register for the Renegade Rowing League on January 24th.  Also, if you’d like to work on preparing for CRASH-B’s you can join the Renegade Rowing Club on Tuesday mornings at 6am and Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  Just let us know when you’d like to start!

Post your average splits to comments.

9 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 1/6/15: 500m, 2min Rest, 1k, 4min Rest, 2k – Post Avg Splits

  1. Split goal was 1:49 for all three distances. The reality:

    500m @32 (2K +1): 1:43.5 @ 31 Felt comfortable; hard pulls with slow recovery to allow a good breathing.

    1000m @30 (2K): 3:35.3 (1:47.6) @ 31 Also felt good. Kept it at 1:49-1:50 for most of the distance, and went hard on the 150m to drop the average split.

    2000m @28 (2K+2 to 2K+4): 7:52.7 (1:58.1) @ 31 Kept it at 1:52-1:54 for the first 1200m, but started to lose form at 1250. Over the last 750m, focused on form and maintained a slower recovery to keep the breathing in check, but the power per stroke dropped off accordingly; as did the split time.

  2. Goals: 1. Pick and commit to the magical number for each split +/- 1sec. 2. Posture! 3. Smooth is fast.

    500m: 2:06.9 @ 32 s/m…focus was set on stroke rating but didn’t want to go below 2:10.
    1k:( 2k pace): 2:14.2 @ 30 s/m
    2k (2k+3): 2:18.0 @ 30 s/m-struggled holding 28 after first 1000m. Rowed along steadily until the last 800m and shifted gears to power 10’s for strength/10 for breathing.

    2 Cents: Thor’s a good co-pilot. Performance review: mediocre but it could’ve been worst.

  3. My goal was to use a 2:08 split as a basis, with goals of 2:07 for the 500, 2:08 for the 1000, and 2:12 for the 2000. What I did:

    500m: 2:01.5 split with 31 sr
    1000m: 2:06.9 split with 30 sr
    2000m: 2:12.3 split with 29 sr

    In the beginning of each segment I tried to focus on getting my body over and moving more smoothly, but once again, I felt like my form got worse as I got tired.

    • Awesome game plan and execution today Lauryn! You made some great changes in the beginning of practice, so keep working on them. They will start to come even when you’re tired if you keep focused on them. Great stuff!!!

      On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Renegade Rowing wrote:


  4. 500 meter goal: 1:45
    Actual Split: 1:42
    1K Goal: 1:46
    Actual Split:1:45
    2K Goal: 1:48
    Actual Split: N/A (Unfinished because back acted up.)
    2 Reps through Crossfit Warmup

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