Rowing WOD 1/13/15: Max Pressure – 15 x :20 On/ :40 Off – Post Fastest, Slowest, and Avg Split

For those that missed it yesterday, here is the training plan for the week: RRTP 1-12-15

Rowing WOD:

Dave getting after it in Heat 3 of the Renegade Rowing League!

15 x :20 On, :40 Off

Max Pressure

  • Post Fastest, Slowest, and Avg Split to Comments

Elite fitness is all about developing power through high intensity.  Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to push your boundaries and test the limits of your speed.  Catch your breath and focus on the 40 seconds off so that you can put every ounce of energy into suspending from the oar and going low on the split.  Compare your results to your 2k race plan.  Do you last through the first 7, but die soon after?  Could you go faster at the start of your 2k?  What happens to your focus in the last couple?  Use your results to adjust your race plan and goal for our next 2k test which will be happening in two weeks at the Renegade Rowing League on January 24th.  The idea of suspension can be very powerful when you’re trying to pull low splits under fatigue.  Check it out below.

Post your fastest, slowest, and average splits to comments.

Try warming up with a couple of strap drills to feel and practice suspending from the oar.    Have Fun!

11 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 1/13/15: Max Pressure – 15 x :20 On/ :40 Off – Post Fastest, Slowest, and Avg Split

  1. Average: 2:04.1 @ 29 s/m
    Fastest: 2:00.4 @ 33 s/m; this was the first one
    Slowest: 2:11.5 @ 27 s/m; this was the 4th

    I was aiming to hold the splits steady around 2:05, and I wanted to focus on not going faster and losing form. In the past couple weeks I’ve tended to push and see how fast I can go and how long I can hold it, but at the expense of really focusing on my form. Other than the 1st and 4th ones all of the splits were pretty consistent, between 2:03.4 and 2:05.

    This workout was really helpful for me. It was a great way to try using good form at high intensity, and then have a break to think about what I just did, what worked, what didn’t, and what I wanted to focus on next.

  2. 2K Time trial.
    8:34.4 @ 2:08.6 split
    Started at 20 strokes high. Settled in. Sprinted at 300.
    Previous 2K: Last Spring 2014: 8:06 @ 2:02 split
    Crash Bs goal: 7:55 with a 1:59-2:02 split

    Next RWod on Thursday.

  3. 2K Time Trial:
    8:34.4 @ 2:08.6 split 27 s/m (Started at 20 strokes high. Settled in. Sprinted at 300. )
    Previous 2K: Last Spring 2014: 8:06 @2:02 split
    Crash Bs Goal: 7:55 @ 1:59-2:02 Split

    Next RWod on Thursday.

  4. Did this today during the 12:00 noon class:

    Fastest 20 sec 500 m split; 1:29.9 @ 68 s/m (not surprisingly, the first 20-sec interval)
    Slowest 20 sec 500 m split: 1:47.6 @ 39 s/m
    Avg. 20 sec 500 m split: 1:42.9 @ 58 s/m

    Did the first 6 intervals from a dead start; the others from a running start. This was a great exercise in starting a 2K, with each start followed by a “power seven”, although with a 20-sec interval, there was not a lot of time to settle, so I just pulled like heck for the the 10 seconds or so after the fast start. Forty seconds of rest seems like a lot on paper, but after a few intervals, it’s really not that much, and this was a good exercise.

    Fellow Renegades: Sorry I missed you this AM…won’t happen again!

  5. Average: 85.2m, 2:05.1/500m @ 36 s/m
    Slowest: 82m, 2:01.9/500m @ 33 s/m (14th interval)
    Fastest: 90m, 1:51.1/500m @ 39 s/m (15th interval)

    Interesting Find:
    Intervals 4-7: consistently 84m, 1:59.0/500m but alternated stroke rating alternated 36/33.
    Intervals 9-11: consistently 85m, 1:57.6/500m but all stroke ratings stayed at 36.

    I don’t always “cut cake” but when I do, it’s on an erg! My showcase prediction was way off so, I focused on the number of pulls in :20 and pretty paddling for :40 especially after the halfway mark.

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