S&C WOD 1/26/15: 6RFT – 250m Row, 10 Burpees, 2 Snatch – Post Time

Snapshot of this weeks training plan!

Snapshot of this weeks training plan!

And it begins!  The home stretch until CRASH-B’s 2015.  Here is the Renegade Rowing Training Plan for the week.  Stay warm and safe in the snow this week and train hard!

RRTP 1-26-15

Strength and Conditioning WOD:


250m Row

10 Burpees

2 Snatch (135/95 lbs.)

Start the week of strong with some focused start work and then attack the Strength and Conditioning WOD.  Be sure to focus on your setup and execution of the snatches.  Find a way to transfer the skills required of the snatch to your stroke in the 250m pieces.

Have fun and tear it up!

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