Rowing WOD 1/27/15: Race Pressure 2x1k, 2x500m, 2x250m – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

Greg of the RRC getting after it!

Race Pace

2 x 1k w/ 5:00 Rest

2 x 500m w/ 3:00 Rest

2 x 250m w/ 1:30 Rest

Have you ever seen a WOD posted in your gym like 5-5-5-5-5 Back Squat and that’s it?  Did you think that would be a good day to take off because there’s not much to it and you’d rather go to a session with more stuff?  Well snap out of it and hit that WOD hard next time.  High Intensity is your ability to push your boundaries a little further everyday.  If you never test your limits you’ll never know what you’ve got.

Todays Rowing WOD calls for Race Pressure and is a test of your ability to consistently perform at your highest intensity.  Set the monitor for Intervals Variable and input 1k, 5min rest, 1k, 5min rest, 500m, 3min rest, 500m, 3min rest, 250m, 1min30sec rest, 250m, 1min30sec rest.  Execute your 2k Race Plan, both split and stroke rating, for each distance.  The first time you perform that distance execute that pace (split and SR) as consistently as possible.  When you repeat the distance try to be even more consistent and go a little bit faster.

Remember, the goal is to row at race pressure for every piece.  Focus on your split and stroke rate and row at high intensity with good form.

Post your average 500m splits to comments.

11 thoughts on “Rowing WOD 1/27/15: Race Pressure 2x1k, 2x500m, 2x250m – Post Splits

  1. Game plan was for 1:50 splits throughout.

    1K: 1:46.3 @ 36 s/m – Felt good; managed to maintain consistency in the instantaneous splits
    1K: 1:53.6 @ 32 s/m – Too much variation in the instantaneous split, causing me to overcompensate in an effort to lower the split. The variation was due premature bending of the arms before the legs were fully extended, resulting in a loss of power. Not sure why I did this, but the camera doesn’t lie. Need to focus on this serious breach of form, and prevent it from happening again. A humbling experience seeing such poor execution, but a good learning experience.
    500m: 1:49.7 @ 30 s/m – OK
    500m: 1:46.1 @ 29 s/m – Felt good, better efficiency given the lower stroke rating.
    250m: 1:39.6 @ 34 s/m – Short duration; felt good.
    250m: 1:40.2 @ 36 s/m – OK

    Stay safe, Renegades.

  2. 1K – 2:18.8/500m @ 27
    1K – 2:15.9 / 500m @ 25
    500m – 2:12.2/ 500m @25
    500m – 2:09.3 / 500m @ 26
    250 – 2:05.0 /500m @ 27
    250 – 2:02.4/ 500m @ 28

    much easier to stay around 2:10 and push hard

  3. Overall: 15:13.5, 3500m, 2:10.5/500m @32 s/m
    1k: 4:22.8. 2:11.4 @ 30 s/m
    1k: 4:28.5, 2:14.2 @ 30 s/m <-I know, I know, "posture, posture! smooth and connected"
    500m: 2:09.2 @ 32 s/m
    500m: 2:10.5 @ 31 s/m
    250m: 2:04.6 @ 34 s/m
    250m :2:00.6 @ 35 s/m

    Positive Vibes:
    After I noticed a bump after the second 1k, I tried to focus on form. BOOM!-descending splits for once in my life!
    Was volun-told to row head of the class despite being awful at leading the new pick drill! Visual/Kinesthetic leaner here, sorry Renegades for the minor turbulence.

    Mediocre Vibes:
    Missed out on the last Renegade 2k event get to make it up with Thor!

  4. Just discovered your site, great content. I do crossfit and I’m also training for the CRASH-B’s, going to be learning to row on the water this Spring. Going to be following some of your rowing WODs, thanks.

    My best 2k is 8:13.9, my goal is sub-8:00 so my goal pace for today was 1:59/500m

    1k 3:57.8 pace 1:58.9/26sm
    1k 4:08.4 pace 2:04.2/27sm
    500m 1:59.8 pace 1:59.8/27sm
    500m 2:00.7 pace 2:00.7/25sm
    250m 59.1 pace 1:58.2/27sm
    250m 59.4 pace 1:58.8/26sm

    I usually row at drag 135, the 2nd 1k I tried lowering to 105 and result wasn’t good, went back up to 135 for the remainder.

    • Great work Donna! Thanks for posting and we’re pumped to have you training with us for CRASH-B’s! Nice consistency in the 500’s and 250’s. Finding your most efficient drag factor will be key to PR at CRASH-Bs. Train hard and have fun!

  5. 1k: 2:08.4 @ 28 s/m
    1k: 2:07.9 @ 29 s/m
    500: 2:06.5 @ 31 s/m
    500: 2:07.2 @ 31 s/m
    250: 2:04.6 @ 31 s/m
    250: 2:03.4 @ 33 s/m

    I was happy with the consistency. Thinking about “quick hands” and counting to slow down my return to the catch were helpful, and simple enough to focus on when feeling tired. I still need to work on getting my body over, and not leaning back too far when I start to get tired.

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