Congrats to all CRASH-B Competitors! Get ready for new classes and the RRTP!

Coach Pat and Renegade RowingIt’s been a long weekend, but it’s what we live for.  This past weekend I got a chance to interact and brainstorm with some of the best rowing coaches and athletes in the country at the What Works Summit at Community Rowing.  I got to hang out with the 4 alumni classes of the Institute for Rowing Leadership.  Then we all crushed it at CRASH-B 2015.

The morning crew at CRASH-B 2015.  Great racing everyone!

The morning crew at CRASH-B 2015. Great racing everyone!

I was asked many times yesterday if I was racing.  While I would love to get on that Concept2 Erg and test my limits, I had a lot more fun coaching all 11 of the Renegade Rowers who competed yesterday.  Many of them PR’ed and all of them rowed like champs.  I’m proud to say that all of them were rowers yesterday as well as athletes.  They came prepared, went through their warmup, and executed a solid race plan.  All of them left it on the floor and I couldn’t be prouder.

So now what?

Lauryn and Terese getting in their warm up at CRASH-B 2015

Lauryn and Terese getting in their warm up at CRASH-B 2015

In the past we’ve taken a couple of weeks off.  This year we’re kicking it up notch and getting right back in the gym.  I’m on the way down to Florida, currently stuck in Charlotte, NC because of weather, but I’ll be there later this morning to coach the Boston College Men’s Rowing Team.  All of you Renegades at home should get right back in the gym and keep training hard.  The snow and ice in Boston will melt at some point and we’ll all be on the water.  Be sure to checkout the Renegade Rowing Training Plan for this week:

RRTP 3-2-15

Also, I’ve updated the Renegade Rowing Website.  Please take a browse through all of our new offerings and let me know what you think.  If you know any friends in the Boston area who could use Renegade Rowing, please have them sign up for a consultation!

New Classes start next week! Get Excited!

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