What kind of blocks do you want to see in your Training Plan?

Renegade Rowing Athlete TemplateThis winter I released a new training plan template that includes blocks like Endurance/Active Rest and Olympic Lifting.  Depending on what type of Renegade Athlete you are, you may need to incorporate more of those blocks or you may need a Mobility or Yoga block.  Over the next couple of months I plan on developing more blocks that you can add to your training tool box.  I will also be adding simple testing blocks and standards to determine which blocks you need more of.

This week I’ll be highlighting the different types of athletes that have given Renegade Rowing a shot.  I hope to shed some light on the possibilities that exist in developing a broad, general, and inclusive fitness to allow for sport specific performance no matter what level you’re at.  One group I’m working with is High School Rowers who train with me four times a week in order to prepare for making their team.  A second group is the Boston College Men’s Crew Team, who not only rows on the water most days of the week, but manages to get in to the gym once or twice to get stronger and become more dynamic athletes.  A third group includes members of CrossFit Boston who competed at CRASH-B’s and will learn to race on the water.  And last, but definitely not least I’m privileged to help a competitive masters rower fight his way to elite status.  All of these athletes have different needs and the template I’ve created is a step in the right direction of helping them find the right amount of general and specific preparedness to reach their goals.

Please take a look at the Renegade Rowing Athlete Template below and share your thoughts on where you are and how many blocks you currently use in training.  I will be making adjustments as we go and continually striving to give you good examples of how this works and why it works.

RR Athlete Template

Renegade Rowing Training Plan Template

RRTP 3-9-15


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