Rowing WOD 4/10/15: 3x8min w/ 4min Rest – Finish Strong!

Rowing WOD:J Row

3 x 8min w/ 4min Rest

(4′ @20, 3′ @24, 1′ @Race Pace)

Deliberate practice is key to success and mastery of any sport.  It’s been said you need to spend at least 10,000 hours to master a discipline whether it’s athletic or otherwise.  While this may be the case the more quality and purpose you bring to your practice the more you’ll get out of it.

Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to bring deliberate practice to your erging.  Row the first four minutes at a pace of 2k+10, row the next three minutes at 2k+7, and then finish the last minute at Race Pace in regards to stroke rating and splits.  Meaning if your 2k split is 2:00 /500m (8:00 2k) then you would row the first four minutes at 2:10, the next three minutes at 2:07, and the last minute at 2:00.  Pick 3 things you want to improve about your technique and fix one per piece.  Things you can focus on are keeping level hands, initiating with the legs, smooth tension on the chain, keeping the feet attached to the footboards, or keeping the chest up/big at the catch.

Post your technique focus and average splits to comments.

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