Video Review: RR Mobility w/ Drew – What’s your favorite mobility exercise for Rowing?

The Renegade Rowing Team drilling by Moonlight!

Watch the video below and then get loose and enjoy 15 minutes of hamstring and hip mobility.

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Over the past week we’ve hit it pretty hard with intensity and higher volume.  Our ability to sit up and maintain a solid core through the stroke has a lot to do with our mobility and range of motion through each joint.  The work we do everyday before, after, and during our training to promote recovery and rebuilding of the muscle fibers we tear is very important.  Use today as an opportunity to stretch out and rebuild those hips and shoulders, increase your flexibility, and eat some good quality food.

Here’s a video of what Drew does everyday to improve his mobility in the boat, especially at the front end of the stroke.  Tomorrow I’ll have a couple of before and after videos of how this has affected Drew’s rowing.

Share your favorite mobility move, where you’re feeling it today, and how you mobilized!

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