S&C WOD 5/27/15: “Jackie” – 1k Row, 50 Thrusters, 30 Pull Ups – Post Time and Splits

Rowing WOD:

RR Team back on the water! Hopefully this summer we'll be able to do "Jackie" on the water! Let us know if you want to join in!


For time:

Row 1,000 meters

50 Thrusters (45/35 pounds)

30 Pull-ups

The Girl WODs were introduced as benchmark workouts to measure your performance and improvements throughout your training.  Today’s Rowing WOD is“Jackie”, a newer girl, aimed at measuring your efficiency and performance through three different full body movements.  It’s a great workout to test how well your technique has developed.  Ideally you’ll be able to hold a consistent split all the way through and leave your legs just fresh enough to go unbroken on the thrusters.  Before you start, take some time to think about your game plan, the split you want to hold, how you’ll break up thrusters, and how to game the pull ups.

Post your time to comments!

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