Rowing WOD 8/12/15: 3RFT – 1k Row, 15 DL @50% – Post Time, Load, and Avg. Splits

Rowing WOD:RR Deadlift

3 Rounds for Time …

1k Row

15 Deadlifts @50% of 1RM

Last month we performed a similar workout.  In light of the upcoming Fall season the volume and load have been increased slightly.  Look back at your results and see if you can pull similar if not faster splits at this longer distance.

Today’s Rowing WOD is an opportunity to focus on consistent speed and intensity.  During the Deadlift find a smooth rhythm and keep a tight midline so that you can touch and go unbroken for all 15 reps.  Try to feel the amount of pressure you have to put into the floor and the bar each rep.  If you can anticipate and maintain even pressure through each lift you’ll be able to save energy and go faster.  When getting back on the erg try to feel the same thing.  Try to push the same amount each stroke and transfer the same amount of pressure to the handle each time.  Remain efficient on the erg by holding one split, as low as possible, through each piece.  Keep working on good form and do so at the highest intensity possible.  That’s how you’ll start to drop your 500m, 1k, and 2k times.

Remember, if you’d like to get on the water with the Renegade Rowing Team, sign up for a consultation with Coach Pat today.

Post your overall time, load, and average splits for each piece to comments.

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