Rowing WOD 8/22/15: 2 x 4k w/ 7min Rest – Post Time, Splits, and Stroke Rate

Rowing WOD:

Another great week of training is in the books!

2 x 4k w/ 7min Rest

  • 1st @26 (5k+5)
  • 2nd @28-30 (5k+2)

Executing a game plan during a competition can really help keep you mentally strong and allow you to push right until the end.  A big part of developing a game plan on the rower is to develop your ability to control stroke rating and effort, how many strokes do you take per minute and how much force do you apply to the handle.

Today’s Rowing WOD is all about dialing in that ability to be precise, hold a stroke rating, and put out a consistent effort every stroke.  I’ve recommended splits, but pick a split that you can maintain at 26 s/m and be consistent with your effort each stroke, it should be hard to say a full sentence.  Crush this with a game plan and positive self talk.  Next week we test our first 5k of the Fall Season.  Build your confidence today and get pumped for another great week of training.

Post your time, average splits, and average stroke rating for each piece to comments!

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