Rowing WOD 11/2/15: AMRAP20 – 500m Row, 15 Push Ups – Post Score

Rowing WOD:

When should you break the elbow? Learn more about the stroke with Renegade Rowing!

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of …

500m Row 

15 Push Ups

*Row each consecutive piece @14 s/m, @16, @18, @20, @22, … each round increase stroke rating by 2 beats

**If more than 3 consecutive strokes are taken at a different stroke rating, stop and complete a 5 Burpee penalty and then start that round over.

Now that the fall rowing season is winding down it’s time to take a week to gather ourselves before winter training kicks in to high gear.  Rowing Clubs will be popping up at gyms across the country over the next couple of weeks to begin training for indoor rowing events.  To set yourself up for a good indoor season take some time this week to really dial in your control, form, technique, and understanding of the stroke.  This week will include Rowing WODs to help build the skill set of the novice rower and refocus the veteran rower.  If you’re new to the sport of rowing take some time to feel out the stroke and go slower.  Veterans can challenge themselves by building power and ratio at the lower stroke ratings, but don’t over do it.  Their will be plenty of hard work in the coming weeks.

Post Score and Thoughts to Comments!

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